Raise money and make the world a better place

Is your class or your team planning a trip or activity and need to raise money for the occasion? We believe that children and teenagers have a strong desire to help others. Making money at the same time will no doubt be a silver lining.

Through One from All your class or team/club can raise money for your class kitty. Instead of, for instance, selling cookies or socks, you fundraise for an organisation and make the world a bit better – at the same time as you raise money to your planned activity. It is simple! You fill in the form below, choose the organisation you want to support and off you go. The raised funds will be split between the class/team/club and the organisation.

Wherever possible, the class/team will be invited to hand over their gift. This will be followed by continuous updates about how the money is being used. The organisations/charities are easy to follow on our website and on social media.

Start your fundraising

This is how it works: Choose one or more of One from All’s approved organisations/charities. Tell us how you plan to use the money – a trip, an activity or perhaps something else. You will then receive a brief that you can use when you start your fundraising. The group will be assigned its own page on our website, to which you can refer those who wish to support your fundraising. There is also the possibility of getting printed material. The money that the class/club has collected will be earmarked for the selected organisation/charity. The class/club receives 50% of the money collected and 50% is transferred to the chosen charity.

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